Wednesday, December 7, 2011

RHCA Special Meeting Dec. 13: Board Elections!

Mark your calendars. There will be a special meeting of the Riverside Heights Civic Association next Tuesday, December 13th at 7:00 pm at the Franciscan Center.

Over time, membership on the Board of Directors has dwindled, and two of our key officers moved out of the neighborhood. We are very thankful for a core group of dedicated volunteers who have kept the work of the association moving forward. Because these people were never formally elected to the Board, they lack the authority to make formal decisions for RHCA.

This Tuesday, interested RHCA members will meet to elect an interim Board to carry the association through the next several months until a more formal election can be held next summer, in accordance with our bylaws. The members may also wish to discuss practical suggestions for the Board and volunteers to focus on in the coming months.

We need good people to step up and become involved. If you are interested in serving, but cannot make it to next Tuesday's meeting, please send an e-mail to and your name will be placed in nomination.


Barry Shalinsky
1001 W. Coral Street
RHCA's Representative to THAN