Friday, September 16, 2011

September 13th Neighborhood Meeting

Hi Neighbors,
Thanks for coming out on Tuesday night for the neighborhood meeting. The following is a list of what was discussed.


The feature of the evening was Wolford Johnson and a brief presentation on the Neighborhood Tree Watch Program. The purpose of this program is to encourage neighbors to serve as stewards to protect the trees in their community.

Did you know that if you cut down a grandfather oak without a permit, the fine is $15,000. This is no joke and the city takes this very seriously. If you are unaware, as many of us are, which trees you can and cannot cut; please give a call the Tampa Parks and Recreation Forestry team at 813 274-5164, to find out before you start trimming or removing trees. The Tree watch program does not monitor the health of trees, so if you are suspect rot or disease you should contact the Forestry team at the above listed number.

“Planting and Caring for trees is one of the most valuable investments we make in our community. Trees enhance property values, slow storm water runoff, clean air, shade sidewalks, streets, homes and yards, and accentuate community identity.”

One cannot drive through this neighborhood and not marvel at the number of 100+ year old oaks and cypress that help to define our community. You don’t have to be a tree hugger to recognize the value of protecting these magnificent living statues.

The Neighborhood Tree Watch Program would like to find a representative in Riverside Heights to serve as a contact for relaying information to our neighbors. They would also like to post two signs in with contact info should someone see someone cutting down a protected tree.


Traffic also continues to be an issue of concern for our community. The speed at which people travel through the neighborhood and the use of non street legal vehicles, four wheels and dirt bikes, top the complaints by neighbors.

Please be respectful of your neighbors and be aware of the number of families with young children and slow down when driving. It is the worst when people are running off to work and when they are returning. We will be working with the city to increase speed traps and no one wants to pay the high cost of a ticket, so please slow down and save yourself the headache and expense.


Riverside Heights is a full of dog lovers and by far the vast majority pick up after their dogs. However, step in a dog bomb just once and the joy of a neighborhood full of dogs becomes a bit tarnished. Please respect your neighbors and pick up after your pets.


Code enforcement is struggling to address the number of vacant houses which have fallen into a state of neglect. Neighbors are rightfully frustrated and code compliance has been an issue in the past. Please don’t throw in the towel on your own yard because your neighbor’s has gone to pot. Many of us chose this neighborhood specifically because of the variety and character of the homes here, lets all do our part to keep them a vital part of why we love to live here.


A community rummage sale is definitely in our future please visit the RHCA facebook page to join the discussion on when we should set the date.


Save the date for the Franciscan Centers annual holiday gift sale featuring fair-trade and sustainable minded gifts. Nov 19th and 20th

Thanks to all who came out and special thanks to the Franciscan Center for sharing their dining room. The view of the river at sunset is reason enough to attend a meeting.

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